If you want to make money, you got to have a platform you can control what ever is happening on that platform so you can earn money from whatever value you are providing to your audience.

Rightly so, if you are starting a blog, there are plenty of platforms you can use to host and distribute your content.

But… Which blogging platform is the best for making money online?

Well, the best blogging platform suited for making money online in 2019 is a self-hosted WordPress over on Bluehost. However, earning money working from home is not limited to one blogging platform.

In fact, you can make money online by starting a photo blog on Instagram, starti a Youtube channel, create a visual blog on Pinterest or start a podcast with the goal of making money online.

Ways To Make Money Online With A Blog

  1. Make Money By Creating A Blog
  2. Earn Money With Instagram photo blogging (Influencer Marketing)
  3. Make Money On YouTube
  4. Make Money With A Pinterest Visual Blog
  5. Make Money By Starting A Podcast

So if you are conflicted as to Which Blogging Platform Is Best For Making Money, fret no more! Because in this post we are going to break it down for you! That way, you can swiftly move on to starting your blog on the best blogging platform of your choosing.

Which Blogging Platform Is Best For Making Money

So Which Blogging Platform Is Best For Making Money?

Well, it depends…

Are you good with the written word(start a blog) or does your personality pop out when you are put in front of a camera? (Vlogging, Photography or Podcasting)

While many of you are still mulling on which platform will be best for earning money through content marketing, the best thing you can do for yourself is to start with how you intend to monetize your online presence?

Why Start With Blog Monetization First?

By starting with your blog monetization as the first jig inside your content marketing efforts, this allows you to eliminate free blogging platforms as there are other platforms which will conveniently offer you an opportunity to start your blog for FREE.

However, when it comes to monetizing your content on a free blogging platform like Blogger and WordPress.com (recommended is WordPress.org), you will not be allowed.

Starting A Blog With The Goal To Earn A Living Working From Home

To get started, you will need to:

  1. Choose A Niche Market
  2. Secure A Good Domain Name For Your Niche
  3. Sign Up For Bluehost’s Best WordPress Hosting

The fact that you are wondering which blogging platform is the best for your next money making ideas, you probably are overwhelmed!

So let me give you an overview of what creating a blog that makes money online will look like:


Creating A WordPress Blog To Make Money Online

For a start, you will need to:

  • Choose A niche Market for your blog.
  • Secure Your Domain And Web hosting
  • Analyzing The Market
  • Define Your Blogging Goals
  • Targeting Your Audience
  • Do Your Keyword Research ( Create Your 50 Hit list)
  • WordPress Installation, Site Structuring
  • Writing Your Base Content
  • Content Creation Strategy And Planning
  • Lead & Funnel Design( Content upgrade setup)
  • Blog Design ( Themes, Plugins etc)
  • Lead Magnet Creation & Landing Page Design
  • Writing Pillar Blog Posts
  • Traffic Generation Strategies & Optimization
  • Blog Monetization
  • Blog & Content Analysis ( Results, keywords ranked, earnings, list building)
  • Growth Hacking Your Blog

Now that you know the start and grow a blog pipeline project, no amount of reading or watching Youtube video will ever push you over the cross line to muster the confidence and get started!

The only way to learn and upgrade your skill sets is to launch your blog and run with it…

When I started my first blog, I knew very little about how bloggers make money, let alone how to write compelling marketing blog posts. So pull that trigger and launch that damn blog already!


As small scale business and content strategist getting a good hang of SEO, Email marketing, long form and data-driven business decision making is something that I take seriously. A good day at the office for me is when the little guy wins and probably that is what motivates me to get out of bed and help small online businesses to take on opportunities available online. The best way I know better is through creation of content that convert. Am a proud founder and content strategist here and am loving every minute of it!


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