How I Discovered Blogging

I dare you to try WordPress if you are thinking about starting a blog and make money helping people solve problems we all face on a day to day basis. Now my indoctrination into the WordPress fanatics began way back when I started blogging in November 2009. 

Then, my goal was to launch a blog as a means of connecting with a potential customer that I can market the Digital Advertising business I owned at the time. I was told blogs are good for search engine traffic, but that is all I knew about blogs.

As I continued to publish my blog and began my journey in the blogosphere I came to realize that blogs, while certainly fantastic for search engine traffic, are much more than a mere search engine marketing tool.


Am often told how obsessed I am with small scale business ideas, no wonder starting a blog that guides business owners how to navigate around complexities of running a blog as a business comes naturally to me!

Blogs are outlets for creativity. Blogs influence people. Blogs are communication devices, educational resources and sources of entertainment.

They connect people, spread ideas, foster friendships, sway political opinion and report news.
Blogs can be almost anything you want them to be, but what I came to experience as a result of blogging, is a new way of life.

Every day I indulge in a hobby and communicate with like-minded individuals, and best of all, I get paid to do it.

How do I get paid? Well, I monetize my blog! I will break down more on the blog monetization later and show you how blogs make money, for now let me share with you all the steps you need to go through to start your blog.

How To Choose A Niche For Your Blog?

Many online gurus won’t tell you that there are actually two types of general niches that you could choose to focus your research on.

Topical Niche

The first we take a look on here is a topic niche. And if you are not well versed in how to do niche research, don’t worry we will go over that step by step.


Now topical niche sites are those blogs which only create content about a specific topic as opposed to the demographic niche where you blog about multiple topics.

Demographic Niche

As mentioned above, any demographically oriented niche is predominantly hyper-focused on a specific audience.

I know you are thinking, isn’t all these niche types have an audience?

Exactly! They all fall in a filtered niche audience, however, when you go down one or two levels deep, you will find that you have a super focused audience inside a niche audience.


Now what you will find is that more of what is taught about niche research by many online gurus will have your blog audience fall under the demographic niche.


This why I want you to be careful! So think of it this way, if you start your blog on a topic niche basis, then that could be a blog that’s all about Pet skin care tips.


And in this case, it would focus its content on subjects like how to get rid of scabs on your dog or things like that.

With that said, I believe you can see that this blog it’s all about pet skin care either that pet is a cat or dog, it could be pet dogs of any age, any breed, any gender. The only underlying key here is that your audience is one that cares for a flawless pet skin.


On the other hand, a demographic niche could be a blogger who targets people who are interested in let’s say ethical pet food products so you could have different topics besides just ethical pet food and talk about pet skin care, and go even wider into things like dog breeds, pet accessories or research about ethical pet grooming products, organic pet skin care remedies or how to change your pet dog’s diet so that you can have a pet free from scabs


My hope is that now you kind of see the difference between the topical niche blog which boils things a little bit more to a specific market audience while the demographic niche goes wider on a narrow market audience.


If there is a takeaway, we don’t necessarily care as much about the people who are reading it’s more about the topic that you’re blogging about.


And then demographic niche is where you really have a specific person in mind who is going to want to read about all of these different topics because they’re interested in this kind of general topical idea

How to set up your WordPress Blog?

To start setting up your blog, Let’s begin with the basics of getting your blog set up and we'll tackle making money later as we go on.

You Probably Are Wondering What the heck is a Domain?

A Domain Name System, or DNS is just a fancy naming system used for giving addresses to websites and web pages. It's the place readers and site visitors are going to find you and it's the grounds for where you're going to start making money online.

One easy example of domains is: Dataracehero.com

In all your time online you’ve spent countless hours on domains and may not have known it. Just by browsing the internet, you’re on a domain so you too will need to have one for yourself.

How Do You Select a Domain Name?

One of the hardest parts of starting a blog that makes money is selecting a domain name. It feels like it’s your entire identity.

I can’t remember all the different options I came up with initially, but I do know I settled on Dataracehero.com. When you have made your domain choice, for some reason, something might not feel right and that is ok just get started.

Eventually, I started adding words to come up with a name that would stand out and landed on that one.


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