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Profoto a1

Profoto A1 is the new kid on the block that offers extreme professional photographic portability all built in into a small compact combination of AirTTL. If you have ever dreamed of creating artistic smooth and lush soft lighting to your subject the you will fall in love with profoto A1. It's an ingenious mastercraftmanship combined with know how of photographer's needs that has led to the intorduction of profoto A1 product range.

Profoto A1 Design

The lush profoto A1 is designed to offer lighting capabilities like never seen before at this scale. It's uniqueness delivers this rounded head with smooth and subtle fall-off that make for ease of use and replication of naturally beautiful light.

It comes fully stocked with domed light difusers,  wide angled lens and bounce card that contains stray lighting nicely to deliver an awesome working environment.

The profoto A1 offers a varied option in how you create or model it's led lighting capability to deliver spectacular shadows that works magic into your subject.

The one thing I love about profoto A1 range is the simplicity of use. You will be surprised at how extremely easy it is to use profoto. With their wide user interface,intuitive and clear-cut user guide, you will soon find your fit much quick, accomplish more all without spending countless hours combing through pages of user manuals. 

The AirTTL capability built within Profoto A1, allows for pairing of all profoto product range available, then control them from a remote control station seamlessly using A1.

If you are frustrated by AA battery use that does not last long, you will be pleased to know that with profoto A1, you can use it as a stand alone unit which has it's own 

Li-Ion high capacity battery built-in that lasts up to four times longer than AA batteries with no performance fade, and a facility to recharge quickly.

Gone are the days when you had to worry about on-camera solutions that kept running out of life in the middle of important shoots like weddings, sports events and celebrity spotting.

With Profoto A1 up your holster, you will never run of confidence, let alone missing on a crucial shot.


 Profoto A1 Best Feature Summary

Profoto A1 features rechargeable /exchangeable Li-Ion batter, Motorized zoom built in, AirTTL /HSS for fast and gorgeous professional pictures.

The great part for travel photographers is that you can easily travel with the profoto A1 range even if it means getting on a plane as these batteries are UN certified.

You probably have noticed that when using flash on certain cameras, the frame rate diminishes relatively. With profoto A1 range, all you have to do is toggle the X-SYNC to achieve up to 20 frames /second. Just make sure that when utilizing this function, you are in manual operations mode. 

To error on the side of caution, I should also point out that the design of profoto A1 is not intended for outdoor rainy weather or just about wet conditions.

Many Canon users have also expressed frustration with Profoto A1 even when used in basking sunny light, the issue has to do with over exposure in the images culminating from the sync speed rations. The remedy here is to make sure that your canon camera is set to Hi-S active. Leaving this feature off will not compensate for normal sync speed which is at a 1/250s ration.

The same goes for anyone using Nikon, all you have to do is make sure that your nikon has auto FP active to make use of the built-in shutter speed .

To make sure that you do not fall victim of a weakened connectivity between transitions when using modifiers, be sure to mount your soft bounce directly on to the A1 head and nothing in between them. If you ignore this setup you will surely experience intermittent and weakened connection. 


​Pros And Cons

Noticeably profoto A1 comes with weather use restrictions which you have to take into account.

With A1 product range, you have to be mindful of rany or snow conditions. These lights will perform wonders for you if you adhere to their user mannual and not otherwise.

Overall, an excellent product for serious hobbyists or professionals alike. If you're starting up and don't want to take the plunge with the price point, I would suggest looking at other brands like alien bees, white lightning etc.

Just bear in mind with Profoto you are going to pay a premium but you do get good quality equipment. Also, any accessories will have that premium price tag attached.

All in all profoto A1 and  D1 Air is a perfect fit for both professionals as well as those getting started in the industry.

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