How To Write A Blog Post & Check For Plagiarism With This Nifty Free Tool?

The dilemma for bloggers like myself is that the majority of our communication is somewhat lost in translation.

I mean, who you kidding to say that face to face chat or communication is not worth it’s time?

In fact, the human brain is conditioned to be more receptive to visual cues when we look into the eyes of the individual we are talking to than reading a blog post.

And that is why starting a youtube channel for your blog is another way of facilitating an alternative to face to face chat with your audience( but that is for another day).

So as a blogger, I rely on writing a good copy of a blog post, free from plagiarized content and grammatical errors I can possibly correct long before I publish my blog post…

Above all, I have to also think about how to accurately project my tone of writing to reflect the exact mood I am intending to portray…

With that in mind, I thought I would share with you how to write a blog post and use this FREE Nifty tool that I use to check for grammar and plagiarism once I have written my blog post.


Steps To Writing A Blog Post.

These steps to writing a blog post are definitely not the only way do a blog post justice, you can follow up on numerous blog writing recipes others use.

This is my process of writing the best blog post possible and has been the most effective for many of the niche websites that are actively making me money now and the past few years.

  • #1: Do Your Research To Understand your audience Pain Points.
  • #2: Create your blog post Outline
  • #3: Curate your blog post’s theme framework.
  • #4: Identify your blog post’s topical Reference Affiliated Solution.
  • #5: Come up with a Compelling working title.
  • #6: Write a captivating blog post Intro.
  • #7: Re-organize your content and (1st proofreading of an outline and Internal linking).
  • #8: Check your blog post For Plagiarism
  • #9: Create Media Files ( Pinterest, Video and Unique Feature Images
  • #10: Publish Your Blog Post


As small scale business and content strategist getting a good hang of SEO, Email marketing, long form and data-driven business decision making is something that I take seriously. A good day at the office for me is when the little guy wins and probably that is what motivates me to get out of bed and help small online businesses to take on opportunities available online. The best way I know better is through creation of content that convert. Am a proud founder and content strategist here and am loving every minute of it!


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