Here you have the best keyword research tools for analyzing your niche market when launching your most profitable niche.

In this part of the tutorial, Learn  how to generate keyword ideas for your niche blog, using keyword research tools

When it comes to unearthing profitable niche keywords for your niche website, there are quite a few handy tools that can come to your aid as you study what people are searching for in niche market, using the power of Google.

This post covers a few from many keyword research tools among the most popular market analysis tools and this guide explains how each of these tools works.

Answer The Public

Not your average keyword research tool, however, answer the public is quite popular among niche site owners and content marketers and for a good reason.  

This tool is a really neat free tool seriously don’t just take my word, try and give it any phrase and it will return a list of relevant longtail keywords (questions that people put into Google) that can be used to target your niche audience.

Let’s say I type dog food into the search bar it will give me almost a thousand queries that contain the word dog food, best healthy dog food brands etc.

And the question many new bloggers ask is how does this tool know what people are searching for?

Well, answer the public sources its data from Google's auto suggest API feature. If you start typing your question like best dog food brand it will immediately show you some popular searches.

And if you start typing the next letter it will give you suggestions based on the typed letter.  That's where this little free tool gets their search queries.

If you carefully look on their home page, it clearly says that they use auto-suggest feature API which pulls data from Google and Bing to give you keyword suggestions.

Uber Suggest Keyword Research Tool.

Uber suggest is yet another darn FREE keyword research tool that is similar to Answer the public. Pretty much like the first tool, Uber suggest benefits from Google’s auto-suggest feature and if you pit the two together, the difference between the two is that uber suggests doesn't focus on questions and all their keyword suggestions will start from your seed keyword.

As you can see, everything starts with the word Dog food, unless you have keyword everywhere chrome app installed, you will not be able to see the monthly search volume of the search queries in answer the public. Uber suggest never used to show the search volume, Since Neil Patel acquired it, this handy keyword tool now spits really good statistics.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword planner which is a part of Adwords, Google's advertising platform. This tool used to be the single best source of keyword ideas back in the days but in recent years Google was taking more and more data away from SEO professionals.

However, today Google Keyword planner still remains a great tool for advertisers that want to pay for traffic from Google but not so much for SEO professionals who want to get free traffic from Google.

With that said, you can still get great keyword ideas from Google Keyword Planner. If I enter the word best dog food, I'll get a few hundred cool keyword ideas and the tool can even sort them into groups which is rather handy and useful.

The only downside is that you don't see a lot of useful data like monthly search volume of these keywords you only see ranges which are not super helpful.

And if you want to see the actual numbers you have to start an advertising campaign and put some money into it.

Whichever is the case, Google's own keyword research tool should not be ignored even though they limit the data that you get for free.

 Now let us take a look at Keyword Everywhere.

I deliberately chose to put this towards the end of this list of the best FREE keyword research tools. It's called Keywords Everywhere and it runs on Google Chrome browser as well as Firefox.

What I love about this tool is the fact that it utilizes Google’s monstrous database of billions in search queries and other notable multiple sources of data sources like Amazon, YouTube and eBay to collect the best search aggregates for your niche market.

 The staggering amount this app also uses come from Click stream. Now, this is a little bit advanced, however, I should mention this in passing so you understand how these data sources are used to mine data. 

In short click stream data comes from most of these free apps that you install on your computer and give them permission to collect your browsing data for analysis.

This data is aggregated into a huge clickstream database where digital marketers like you and I can access it with an API so we can then learn what people search for online, which websites they visit and which geographical locations like country or city.

No personal information of people is collected by clickstream data miners for the rescue of the SEO community as many amazing tools and features can be built on top of it.

And when it comes to keyword Everywhere, if you enter the same keyword best dog food, a list of almost a thousand search query results plus suggested related keywords that contain the word dog foo in them.

Now the question is what do you do with the list of almost a thousand search queries? Well, these search terms have what we call keyword difficulty and we need to find what that is using advanced search parameters.

The strategy here is to narrow down a huge list of keyword ideas to those where you don't need any backlinks to rank. My go-to way of bagging easy rankings is what Doug calls KGR keyword calculation formula which filters these search queries to give you what could easily be the low hanging fruits.

In many cases, KGR content targets low competition keywords that can be answered with awesome blog articles nicely optimized for the keyword in question.

if I open the search results for best dog food search query you'll see that most of the top ranking articles get a few hundred monthly visits from search with almost no backlinks which looks like a great opportunity to anyone with a new niche site.

In the next post I will show you beyond this quick overview of how to use KGR keyword research but the foundation is these FREE Keyword research tools to get a ton of great keyword ideas to target on your niche blog.

And it all begins with just feeding these tools with words and phrases related to your niche and examine the output.

Always look at the total search traffic potential of the top-ranking pages and how many backlinks they have and please take action before you move to the next strategy by going to play with the tools that I've just mentioned and see how many awesome article ideas you'll be able to find.