Affiliate marketing is a performance-based type of reward business whereas an affiliate, the merchant will reward you for delivering a lead, a sale or just a call for an inquiry.

Think of how powerful affiliate marketing really is, every time when you are able to solve a problem you can make money! That is why learning how to become an affiliate as a beginner, could be the most lucrative opportunities you have ever thought of starting in this new year.


How do you become an affiliate marketer?

Here’s how anyone can quickly become an affiliate marketer step by step:

  • Choose your niche.
  • Research different affiliate programs and products.
  • Make an Affiliate Website.
  • Write helpful or Produce excellent video content (Usually problem solving).
  • Build an audience.
  • Promote your affiliate offers or product(s).
  • Rinse and repeat

In a nutshell, the way how you build this business model is a four-part step system where you the first step is:

  1. Target
  2. Attract
  3. Nurture
  4. Convert

The trick here is to take your time to think of problems you can solve for your audience. The bigger the problem, the more you can make each time your targeted audience performs an act like completing a loan application, signing up for a newsletter or calling to book an appointment at the local chiropractor’s office.

Think of big problem solvers in “regular jobs”, like doctors and lawyers…

There’s a reason they are the big income earners.

They help solve big problems. You too as an affiliate to Doctors or Law related services, could cash in big when you start your own affiliate marketing blog in the law and enforcement niche market like bail bonds lead generation or tummy tack in the cosmetic surgery Niche.

Lawyers obviously charge a lot more per hour and there is a good reason for that… they help people from getting into big trouble in different ways…
And doctors are no different from the lawyers too. Cosmetic surgeons make anywhere between $250K to $850K.

According to the health care industry website Medscape, the median income for a plastic surgeon was $270,000 as of 2011. And today being 2019, you can only imagine how much plastic surgeons are earning…

While 54 percent of plastic surgeons earned $300,000 or less per year, the report said 30 percent reported annual incomes of between $300,000 and $500,000, and 16 percent made $500,000 or more per year.

You probably are thinking that you must have picked a wrong career, becoming an affiliate marketer… Well, not so fast!

in order to become the person I needed to be that was capable of getting those results so what I realized during this period changed everything for me

Many people would like you to know otherwise about how money is made. However, what I’m about to share with you is really the one and only way to make money solving other people’s problems out there period!

Yes as a lawyer or surgeon you can achieve a certain level of success, but what they don’t teach you is that in order for anyone to achieve the success that you want in your business or in any aspect of your life, it boils down to a direct reflection of something called your PVL or personal value level.

How to become an affiliate step by step
How to make money as an affiliate

Like it or not, human society uses a very simple tool called money to quickly and easily communicate the relative value of everything. Whether its an apple or a gallon of gasoline to what you get paid as a wage for a job is all determined by Personal value level.

And through our free market system, the world basically gets to dictate how much money you make according to three different factors.
The first one being the number of people who are also capable of performing a particular job. Think of this as competition, the more competing supply pool of other capable hands, the less attractive it becomes in compensation.

The second factor is the number of specialized skills or education that you would need to perform that job or really your level of expertise or education

The third one is the number of people around the world that your work is going to benefit or impact. Simply put this down as your leverage.

For example, there are two reasons why restaurant waiters, janitors or retail workers make such a low wage on average.

There are actually factors that directly play into the low wage, for a start, there’s an almost endless supply of workers who can fill that position effortlessly right?

I mean, you only have to look out on the job market and you will see that there’s a ton of competition, and the reason is simply that waiting tables doesn’t require any rare or specialized skills or specialized education.

Basically, anybody can do the job with as little as an hour’s training before starting to serve customers.

And then another factor is that your type of skill lacks leverage despite being a highly skilled job. Take for example one of the highly skilled labor jobs like Surgeon, where you’re possibly only serving maybe 12 to 15 people at any given time which means you have basically no leverage so if you’re in one of these positions you’re personal value level to the world is really capped on the lower side of things.

This could be why you’re not making that much money. Now on the other end of the spectrum let’s take a brain surgeon, for example, they make about a million dollars a year and that’s because there’s not a lot of competition.

There really are very few qualified individuals in the world that are able to perform that type of work surgeons do. The work requires a ton of extremely specialized knowledge and skills and almost over ten years of schooling.

Interestingly, when you get to numbers, that’s where things kind of fall off the bus! When you pit an Affiliate marketer and a surgeon on prestige and qualification, affiliate marketing as a career doesn’t look that attractive.

Secondly, when you look at entry barriers on both careers, as an affiliate marketer you do not need any formal qualifications except acquired knowledge from reading or taking online affiliate training programs.

As for Surgeons, you need years of training, and the entry barrier is insanely prohibitive.
When it comes to the work itself, Surgeons can only perform brain surgery on one person at a time while affiliates serve masses online so there’s really no way to benefit the masses there’s for surgeons as very little leveraged time is available.

With everything going so well for the surgeon as a career, the reason that a brain surgeon makes about a million dollars a year instead of let’s say 20 million dollars a year( as some Affiliate Business owners make) is because they’re missing that piece of the puzzle, where they are able to leverage the power of mass impact to serve.

As a marketer, you can find problems in the marketplace, deliver solutions, and use software to help you scale. That is not possible with many of the elite careers like lawyers or Cosmetic Surgeons.

In fact, this is why we’re going to share with you how here, how starting a website and make money as an affiliate is probably one of the best ways to make money.

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There is no secret to the reasons why affiliate marketers have started climbing “the charts” in this respect is that we’ve become society’s biggest awareness drivers to problem solvers that would have been more obscure than they are.

Think about it…

Someone has a problem they need to tackle or maybe a desire they want to be fulfilled…

And BOOM! We’re right there with a solution. And it’s really simple the way how it all works!

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You too can become a marketer too. Because we’ve seen plenty like you who go through this process with us, you will be surprised how much you already know, particularly the marketing know-how than you think!

This is truly the one and only way how to seriously increase your Personal value level, and become the number one go to in your niche when it comes to how you can also give solutions to help people out there!

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As small scale business and content strategist getting a good hang of SEO, Email marketing, long form and data-driven business decision making is something that I take seriously. A good day at the office for me is when the little guy wins and probably that is what motivates me to get out of bed and help small online businesses to take on opportunities available online. The best way I know better is through creation of content that convert. Am a proud founder and content strategist here and am loving every minute of it!

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