How To Start A Youtube Channel Step By Step Guide

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Start A Youtube Channel Step By Step Guide


In today's post, I wanted to break down the very beginning steps of how am building my Youtube channel step by step. Now if you are at the growth level, probably this post will not be as helpful as we are not talking so much about how to grow your channel but more focused on how to actually start your YouTube channel and what exactly goes into that process because I know that many of you are interested in starting your own YouTube channel.

My goal when I started writing this guide was to reach out to new and growing channel beginners who are launching Youtube whether as a hobby or as a business.

They say that " If you treat your hobbies as a real job, sooner or later you start getting paid for that hobby as they would pay you in a real job"

Some of you are either starting a Youtube channel because you have something that you're really passionate about and you want to use Youtube as your distribution channel where you share valuable content, ideas or beliefs with like-minded people.


Maybe you just want to connect with people in this really engaging fun way or maybe because you want to make it into a career and earn a full time living from Youtube.


I know that wasn't really my motivation when I decided to start my YouTube channel, considering that at the point of publishing this post, my subscriber count is shamelessly a fat zero!

How to start a Youtube Channel

However let me quickly point out to you, that Youtube earnings potential is staggeringly insane.


If executed really well, a channel with 100,000 subscribers in the next 24 months could mean that you will be able to support yourself full-time.

All other benefits of starting a Youtube channel aside, it really is an enjoyable way to earn a living and that is why you too should consider, starting your own Youtube channel, with these easy to follow 12 steps that you need, in order to start a successful YouTube channel.


There’s more than one way to skin a rabbit, however, these twelve steps are the must-have for anyone getting started with a youtube channel with a long-term goal perspective.


I want to try and keep this post as short and helpful enough to get you off to a good start.

That is why  I don’t want this guide to get too crazy long, so for any of you who are committed to getting started with your Youtube,I have put together a youtube beginner video upload checklist which is also one of the resources you will need.


This is a very valuable resource that is actually one of many printables inside my Start And Grow course and inside that course you will see there is a three-step system we are using to start a side hustle, making money with a Youtube and a blog. Inside this checklist, there’s probably about 20 steps on this checklist so it goes into a little bit more detail about exactly how to start your YouTube channel from scratch.


Anyone looking for more details then just click the link below and you can download that completely for free.


With that out of the way let’s get on into the 12 steps you need when starting your own YouTube channel. 


 Choose A Youtube Niche Market

Niche market selection is probably the linchpin of your Youtube business journey, get this wrong and you will have a lot to deal with down the road, and that includes not making money with your channel or making less money if you are looking at how CPC affects your business model, monetization and total earnings.

In a nutshell, some niche markets pay more money in adsense revenue than others, but also yields more income per client conversion  if you are selling high ticket products like SEO consulting, course or coaching.

This is why before you start your Youtube channel, you have to make sure that your passion, Earnings potential and your market viability on the long term overlap snag!

How to choose A Niche

How to choose A Niche

And for you to do that, the first thing you need is to choose a topic also known as a niche market for your channel.


The key here is to do these three things mentioned above, when you are doing your niche research.

First, make sure that you’re choosing a niche market you are really passionate about because if you want to have a successful YouTube channel, you’re gonna have to make a whole lot of content in that niche that is mostly focused around one central topic.

You want to make sure that your choice is something that you could talk about all day.

For any reason, if you’re unsure and still trying to decide between two different topics for your channel or contemplating to try casting your net wider to a much broader topic, then I’d recommend that you go and look at other channels that make content about those different topics.

Demographic Niche vs Topical Niche

I see this mistake by lots of newbies, they do their niche market and assume that what they have done is good enough as a research.


The idea here is to evaluate how much of a demand there is for those different topics.

Without a doubt, some topics are more popular, even profitable than others and if you have a long term goal, where you want the side hustle translate into becoming a fully fledged career, then you’ll definitely want to choose a topic that has enough people interested in it.

Now this doesn’t mean going broader on the topics you want to cover is not allowed, of course, it’s okay to start your channel with multiple topics. As a beginner, you have a whole lot to learn about using different types of content creation, promotion and many more… Just keep in mind that there is demographic niche and topical niche.


The last thing you want when starting out Is having to deal with heavy workload overwhelm. What works best is to make sure that you are keeping your channel as focused on as few things as possible so that you can really start to attract people who are all going to be interested in every video that you create.

Create Your Customer Avatar

If you are thinking long-term, then you know how much you need to think about who your ideal subscriber would look like. So in that case, the second thing that you need to do is get really clear for yourself about exactly who your subscribers are going to be and what value they’re going to get out of consuming your content (videos or blogs).

Youtube customer avatar

As a Youtube Content creator, people are only going to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel unless your content promises to deliver something beneficial to them. Ask yourself what you really think is in your content that will motivate a viewer, to spend time on your channel, let alone come back again and again.


If there is something that they’re getting from your content, even if that’s something as simple as entertainment value or relief from their boredom, then they will surely subscribe to your channel.

Your goal as a creator is to figure out who these people are going to be and why they’re gonna watch your videos when you publish on Youtube. That way,you can decide what videos will really appeal to them and then make such type of videos every single week to continually interest and engage them.

Create Your Content Hit list-Brainstorm 120 Different Video Ideas.

This part may not sit well with most of you as beginners, however, stick with me here and it will make sense to you down the road. So go ahead and brainstorm at least 100 different video ideas.


Of course, you don’t need a hit list with a hundred video ideas but for your own benefit, I’d really recommend that you do think of a hundred potential ideas. And there are good reasons why it is essential to create that Youtube hit list.

For a start, you have a pool of content ideas you can just plug and record without having to waste time wondering what your audience would like to get from you.


This is a way of getting really organized at a content creation level so you can focus on another side of building value for your audience.


When you have a vault full of ideas, you can hardly go wrong as your focus is to just zone in and get your channel off the ground.


Think of these being your first video ideas, the likelihood that they might be pretty good is slim but you have a pool of content ideas to compare them to, so to come up with a hundred video ideas means you can choose the very best of those ideas.

Create The Top 10 Best Video Ideas To Create As A Beginner.

Once you come up with the hundred video ideas, the next step is to narrow your hit list down to the top ten ideas that you’re the most excited about.


In my case,I have broken these down to three topical categories:


  • #1: Resources ( Toolkit For Beginners)
  • #2: Growth Hacking ( Traffic and Content Promotion)
  • #3: Monetization


There is no one size fits all here, you can set your top 10 best content ideas based on researching your direct competition and what your audience is looking for on YouTube.


This can be totally based on the most popular ideas most people are really interested in watching.

How To Choose Vlogging Equipment For Your Youtube Channel?

There is not a job that you can do without tools for the job, so on the fourth step to starting your YouTube channel is to choose some equipment.

Now, this is the sticking point for many beginners as they assume that you need fancy and expensive equipment tools to shoot and publish good quality content on youtube.


Frankly speaking, you don’t need anything really fancy you can get started with just your smartphone ( at least that is what I’ve been using to shoot and manage my youtube channel. The phone I use is an iPhone 10 but if you have any smartphone, even if it ’s couple of years old, it is probably going to have just fine video quality for starting out.


Besides the portability of mobile phones, actually, the modern smartphones tend to have a really good audio quality as well so you won’t even need a microphone when you’re first starting out.

How To Choose Best Lighting For Youtube Channel

The one biggest thing you need to keep in mind when you’re starting and especially if you have a camera that’s not the best quality is that lighting has a dramatic impact on the quality of your videos.

Whichever type of setup you choose to go for, consider lighting as your linchpin, thus the more lights you can get on your face the better your videos will look and that’s really going to impact how many subscribers will you get to stick around to your channel once they watch each of your videos.

With that said, there are all sorts of fancy lighting systems that you can get and some of them are really expensive. But as a beginner, once again I can’t stress enough how really simple you can get with the basic tools and equipment.


The two things that I would recommend if you’re doing this on a budget is to leverage natural lighting. My setup, for example, benefits massively from direct sunlight through my windows, so if you can sit right in front of a window and let the light hit your face, that is going to look great.

It will be really the most affordable way to light up your video and produce beautiful content using natural light.


What other vloggers won’t tell you is that you can actually just go online here on Amazon, Walmart or Target and you can get a light that’s meant for a living room that has multiple bulbs that you can point in different ways (I think it’s called a tree light ) and then you can get daylight

bulbs which are the brightest bulbs.

Some manufacturers label them as cool color light bulbs, usually come in the hundred-watt range or whatever the highest wattage you can find.

Most Youtubers use those tree lights as their interim lighting for and they are not bad at all, with each light costing like 20 bucks and then the light bulbs costing anywhere between fifteen dollars for a pack of three sounds like a good investment for your channel.


So for about thirty-five dollars, you can get a light that will have a really natural look and will be really bright when you can get a couple of those paired and your videos will look so much more bright and just much higher quality.


I will have a video here, I have just made to share my filming setup and in that video, you will see exactly what lighting options I use, tripod and Camera setup am using.


With so many options available, your video setup, camera, microphone, and lighting is dependent on your budget. obviously, my set is going to continue evolving, so rest assured that  I’m gonna keep on making updated videos when necessary just to share with you how my current filming setup looks like.


Set Up Your Youtube Content Publishing Schedule

The fifth step that you need to do to start your YouTube channel successfully is to decide on your content creation and publishing schedule (filming and uploading schedule).


And your goal here is not just to decide which days you’re gonna upload but also carefully figure out when you’re actually going to get content created (videos filmed and edited) so that you can put on your calendar and make sure that you get that done every single week.


Anyone looking for the best results possible, I’d recommend you upload at least once every week. Preferably two or three times can be great as long as you do not dilute your content too thinly to a point of compromising your content quality.


As a rule of thumb, just make sure that you’re focusing on the quality of your content and not the quantity.

From time to time, you will also hear many vloggers preaching consistency, so make sure that you put that in place as there is a need for you as a beginner, to be consistent with your uploading pattern.

What will not serve a purpose for you and your subscribers is to try to make too many videos just for the sake of numbers.


Exceptional quality content really does matter especially when you’re trying to stand out in some place that’s competitive like YouTube.


Of course by good quality, I do not imply that your production or content delivery has to be Hollywood type, not really. As a matter of fact, a certain section of content consumers does not like to see too many filters all over your content.


Your audience wants to experience a real connection so adding too much filtering and unnecessary drama is certainly going to put off a good section of your potential subscribers.

Learn How To Batch Content Production For Efficiency Purposes.

Batching your content creation is a method of producing a set of content from one piece, then re-use that across multiple publication formats.

For example, you can shoot multiple videos at once, and from those videos, you can go ahead and extract audio content for your podcast, and text content from your video into a blog post.


With two or four videos a month, you stand a chance to get more than one source of traffic to drive to your offers.


Undoubtedly, when you’re just starting out this may sound overwhelming, if not impossible. That is why I always recommend that you find the right type of content creation you find easier and more productive, then master that one beginning with publishing content at least once per week.


With time, you can only get better and improve the quality of your content creation, moving from the medium lane into the faster lane.


Even with cameras,  you’ll notice that you are getting more and more comfortable on camera quickly and that’s simply because you’ll be practicing more regularly.

Here's How To Create A Youtube Channel

This step is about creating your YouTube channel, now YouTube makes this really easy especially if you already have a Gmail account.  

All you have to do is basically just log in with your Gmail account on YouTube and then click through their prompts to set up your YouTube channel it’s super simple and they make it easy enough for anyone to do.

Once your YouTube channel is actually set up make sure you don’t skip the next step which is to create a banner for your channel and write a description for your Youtube Channel.

These things really make your channel look a little bit more likable and professional enough for potential subscribers to have confidence in subscribing to your channel.


Chances are that your Youtube channel is somewhat personal, so much that you think that being professional is not exactly what you should be going for.

That professional look is what makes your channel look more serious about what you’re doing and when someone watches one of your videos they are likely to subscribe.


As they realize that this person is actually making videos on a regular basis and they’re actually committed to this and that makes them a lot more likely to hit that subscribe button.


There are no rules set in stone about channel branding, however, it is helpful enough to your fanbase if you can put fun information in your banner or in your channel description that can motivate people to subscribe.

Creating Content For Youtube Channel


Now it’s time to start churning helpful content packed with value for your targeted audience, and that means filming your first video.


Now the key here is to not get into the mode of overthinking this! It’s probably gonna be a little bit awkward if you’ve never done it before, obviously a little bit uncomfortable but that’s what everyone goes through and that’s kind of the trade-off of starting your YouTube channel.


Ask any Youtuber you admire and they will tell you that getting off the ground is the most difficult part, however, once you are through a handful of videos, you will start feeling at home.


With so many good things that can come from having your own YouTube channel, biting the bullet, filming that first video and get over with it seems like a fair price to pay here.

Editing Youtube Video

Editing your video may sound complex, however, this also involves the process of having to create a click-worthy thumbnail.


Chances are that when you film that first video, and many that follow after this one, you’re gonna make a few mistakes.

While some of those mistakes are ok to go unfiltered, there are just others you will need to split and merge your video, and that will require of you to pop your video footage into some sort of editing program.


The market if full of many options, premium as well as some great free options out there like iMovie on Macs or Windows Movie Maker on Windows computer. And then there are also plenty of other options on the high end like Adobe Premiere Pro, whichever option you choose to go for, it doesn’t matter when you’re first starting out.


Just don’t use something that is overly complex that’s gonna confuse you or overwhelm you as each of these tools will come with their own learning curve.

The secret here is to choose a simple program with a short learning curve and just pop your footage into that program and then begin to cut out any mistakes, add a title card at the beginning of the video that tells exactly what the video is about.

Creating Your Youtube Video Thumbnails

After you edit the video then you can either take a screenshot from the video to use as the thumbnail or you can use another photograph or design a graphic for yourself.


You can use a free program like canva or Snapseed which is my favorite thumbnail creator when am on my mobile, or you can purchase a program like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to create that thumbnail.


Most of my thumbnails are designed inside of canva which is completely free and it really gets the job done very well the main things you want to keep in mind when you’re creating that thumbnail is to make it as eye-catching as possible, also make it really clear what the video is about.

Uploading Your Youtube Video

When it comes to uploading your first video, it may sound elementary, however, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. There is also meticulous stuff that goes into uploading your video make sure you have assigned your video to the right playlist, video description plus many more.


I personally like to upload my videos inline with my Tailwind schedule which is mostly in the morning to give people the most time to watch them during the day.


Especially considering that most of my audience is US based so I have Tailwind doing the heavy lifting for me, crunching the numbers so I have firsthand data for best views possible.


I don’t think that there is anyone set time that you need to upload but it generally is considered to be best to upload at the same time every time you upload because with each video you upload you’re gonna start attracting people who watch videos around that time.




Social Media Shares

Promote Your Video By Sharing Through Social Media.


Sharing your video through social media gives your video as much of a boost as you can because Google’s ranking algorithm continues to favor social signals. Especially when you’re first starting out every little tiny bit that you can do for that video really helps.


It all begins with you watching the video, hit the like button, leave a comment as yourself asking other people to give a comment and then you should share that video with everyone that you can share it on your Facebook page or your Twitter, your Instagram.

Make sure to share it wherever you’re at tell

people that you just made your first Youtube video and of course shoot an email out to some friends and family.

Inside that email, remember to ask them if they could possibly help you out by watching a video and hitting that like button.


As a beginner on Youtube,every little bit helps, and  there’s a big difference between a video with two views and a video of thirty.


From the outset, your Youtube channel is going to be a ghost town for a good handful videos, and there is no time frame as to when you should expect to see consistent traction in terms of views.


Even with good quality and helpful video on your Youtube, thirty video views may still not be that much.

But at least it shows that somebody is interested in it and the more views a video does have the more people are actually likely to click on that video and watch it because of something called social proof which pretty much just means that we think that if other people are doing something then it must be a cool thing to do.

Consistency Is Everything 

And that brings us to the final step of this guide, which is to stay consistent when you first start your channel.


Everything is new, bright, shiny, exciting and you’ll probably have a lot of motivation but as time goes on and especially you know when you’re first starting out and you have put up five or 10 videos.


You might not be seeing very much signs of growth yet, most beginners find discouraging. Sadly this is the point where most of Youtube beginner victims might feel like quitting or giving up because it’s not working.


Reality is growing a Youtube channel just takes a little bit of time I have never seen a channel that consistently put out good quality videos with interesting eye-catching thumbnails on a consistent basis and didn’t start seeing significant growth within the first 6 to 12 months so it’s not going to take forever but you do need to stay consistent.


You need to keep uploading videos every single week you need to keep improving your quality with every single video if you want to see that growth. Now for others this is not going to be anything more than just a side hustle, while some of you will look at vlogging over on Youtube as something that’s important to you, so much that you really want to turn this into your career or simply reach more people and make it into a meaningful hobby with an income.


Whatever your goals for your YouTube channel are, if you really want to be able to accomplish them you have to stay consistent.

so in this video I shared with you all of the things that you need to do to start your successful YouTube channel, but we didn’t talk a whole lot about exactly what you do when you upload I mean I said you need to film your video you need to edit it you need to upload it and you need to like and share it as much as you can but there is a whole lot more that needs to be done to help your video rank on Youtube.


And for that, you need to download the video upload checklist that you can get for free inside my Resource Folder, the link must be found below. Inside it, you will find about 20 steps that walk you through every little thing that you need to do when you upload the video.


so first of course you upload the video but then you need to write your interesting keyword rich description you need to add extra keywords that have good search volume you need to add your video to a few playlists on your channels there are 20 steps here that you can do every time you upload a video to help it do a whole lot better.


Make sure to grab this for free by clicking that link down below I know it’s going to help you out so much in your quest to start a profitable YouTube journey.


I’m also doing a big giveaway to celebrate hitting 267 active members inside my signature program where I help folks like you and others how to start and grow a business.


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