Creating A Website For Your Business

Blogging has been around since internet happened, their evolution over the past few years is evidence that as long as inbound and outbound digital marketing exist, blogging will always be the centerpiece of business lead generation.

Why Create A Business Website?

 So You probably have been told that pretty much every business has a  blog or website where they target, cultivate B2C relationship, educate consumers about products or services. 

And in your mind you would think that by just creating a website for your business is good enough to make the gods smile at your fortune cookie and bring more leads to your business right?

Well, You are wrong! (Unless you are willing to put in the work long term)

While any business that wants to start building a following(community), can create a blog or website for their business, very few of them actually manage to publish very little to no content on their business blog. As a result, their content marketing efforts bring in meager results.

Truth is, running a business blog or website is a full-time job and require a long term goal strategy that demand a great deal of foresight and meticulous hours of painstaking workloads before you can see the rewards.

In fact, anyone thinking of inbound and outbound content marketing, must think of it as a long term investment. Blog traffic takes long before you start seeing trickles of highly targeted customer leads through your pipeline.

So, while you might find that launching a business blog or a business brand Youtube channel is one of the best ways to target, cultivate lasting relationships and provide real value to your audience, for the most part you need to acknowledge that it is hard work, with very little to show for in a short term perspective.

And for those of you, who are  wondering what the process of starting either a blog or a YouTube channel for a business looks like, well, they actually have a lot in common and you can use these simple steps to finally create that professional business website using free or premium content management systems. 

What Do You Need To Create A Business Website?

Any business that wants to create a website or a blog, needs:

  1. Choose Your Domain.
  2. Decide The Purpose Of Your Business Website.
  3. Choose A Hosting Provider For Small to Medium Business.
  4. Choose Your Ideal CMS Software For Your Business Website.
  5. Build a Site Plan And Structure.
  6. Think about mobile. (Is Your Business Website Responsive?)
  7. Create Targeted Content For your Business Website.
  8. Promote Your Business Website.

There truly are positive benefits of both of them that they both share but then they also each have some unique pros that the other one doesn't have.

Pros Of Creating A Website For Your Business 

As far as pros of creating a business website are concerned, there is quite a lot that can be shared here.

And the first pro of launching a business website is that it allows you to share your ideas with the targeted audience inside your niche market and rest of the world.

And for good reasons, you will also notice that this is an obvious pro that both a blog and a YouTube channel have in common.

They truly both are outlets for your creative ideas, whether you choose to use a blog to teach people and market them whatever creative merchandise, Traffic generation and arbitration plus many other things.

Some of you are natural born entertainers, so if you are creating some sort of entertainment resource for people to consume, either way, Youtube and a blog allows you to share your creative ideas with the world.

As an avid blogger and SEO expert, I have personally found blogging as a distribution channel for my marketing messages where I am able to inform and attract my targeted audience into buying customers of products and services that my business offers.

The second Pro of starting a blog for your business, is that it is pretty flexible, fun, and easy way to connect with loyal brand ambassadors from the time you buy a domain and get the best web hosting for your blog launch.

Now I know that some of you who are new to blogging have probably heard from other seasoned bloggers who say that writing a blog isn't that easy.

But on the relative scale of things that you can do, starting a blog is probably the most rewarding skill you can learn in a short period of time.

You only have to look at some of the most rewarding careers to see why starting a blog or a Youtube channel is extremely attractive and a quick way to achieve financial freedom without the burden of hefty student loans. 



FREE Niche Research Tools When Starting A Website. 

Keyword research is a bigger part of my to do list of things every week. And if I didn't do a better job of it, the effects it would have on my content creation process is consequential. So if you are starting a new Niche website, you need the best keyword tool to help you create content that ranks, above all converts into sales.

Personally, I use a paid tool for my work, and I love it as it affords me to achieve five to eight times more results than I would have been able to if I was using free keyword tools everyone uses in the early stages of their niche site adventure. 

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