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If I could show you in this post that WordPress makes a better funnel building platform than click funnels and why you should use WordPress to build funnels for yourself and for your customers, would you call that time well spent?

I'm wondering if savings of around three and half thousand dollars per year would inspire you to  building a sales funnel that’s affordable technology everyone as open sourced which means a whole host of benefits including portability and ease of customization.

Personally, I use WordPress to build marketing funnels for myself and for my customers and if you're a funnel builder that wants to earn as much as you want you should read this guide and watch my step by step video guides as I publish them, teaching ordinary folks like you, how to build alternative clickfunnel builders.

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This the only way you get to learn first hand, how to sell more to your clients, help them get highly targeted leads, using robust sales and marketing funnels so they can also attract more income and close more deals for their business.

I like the Idea that you are only successful in achieving the dreams and goals in your life when you are willing to help others achieve their goals and dreams.

That’s why I've got some free training here for you, where I share intimately on how to build a marketing funnel and a marketing automation funnel using WordPress.

There are numerous ways to building sales funnels,however this post is all about ways that WordPress is a better funnel platform than clickfunnels.



Why Build Sales Funnels?

Every business uses a marketing and sales funnel whether you do it knowingly or without knowing. There is a systematic process your business uses to bring in new and repeat customers. From the time they walk into your business, the steps you take to meet or service their needs is what is known to be your standard sales funnel. 

Now when it comes to choosing which platform and tech stack that you use for your customers and for your business back office administration or how you intend to micro-manage the customer acquisition ( the customer experience journey)  is the focal point that allows you to see whether you're going to scale your business and grow the number of clients and customers that you serve, without compromising quality and brand ethos.

So Why Are We Comparing Clickfunnels vs WordPress?



In the grand scheme of things, there is so much hype out there on the market about how websites are dead and Clickfunnels is the only way forward. Frankly speaking, Clickfunnels is nowhere near being the best platform to build marketing or sales funnels with.

While the marketing Gurus may want you to believe that Clickfunnels is the only option available to build marketing funnels,truth is that this is one of the biggest misconceptions driven by greedy marketers who get paid up to 40% of what you pay for your Clickfunnels recurring subscriptions.

Scrupulous marketers would have you believe that there is no way out unless you take what they are offering, in many cases, If they were to honest enough and be a little bit transparent, they would tell you that Clickfunnels is essentially a page builder that has been paired with an email automation capability and some analytics.

However you spin it, ask anyone who knows their stuff, and they will tell you that Clickfunnels is ultimately a fancy website page builder with an army of marketing affiliates who will do anything to get you paying the overpriced clickfunnel membership as long as they continue to bank their 40% of split sale month in and month out.

No wonder they've talked about how the website is dead and yet the majority of what the Clickfunnels platform actually does is act as a responsive page builder for websites.

The takeaway for anyone wanting to build their first sales funnel is to take a second look at other cheaper alternative to Clickfunnels and the best place to start from would be to compare Clickfunnels vs WordPress.

If you are on the fence, have you ever wondered as to why the pros you know in your industry do not use clickfunnels?

There's more than I can list here,in fact a ton of businesses that build funnels for customers and for themselves yet they explicitly do not use Clickfunnels because it's restrictive in how you can use your data and I will break that down for you in detail.





Benefits Of Using WordPress vs Clickfunnels 

There is nothing I love about the portability of data offered by WordPress as an open source platform. And if you are building a long term business, you want to have that freedom to be able to portably move your data from one automated marketing platform to the other, without having to worry about content locking.

We tell our clients why we love and always propose to use WordPress when building their funnels.

When anyone uses Clickfunnels, there's no way for you to be able to export that content to another platform.

Imagine for a moment, let’s say that Clickfunnels went into administration,or it's bought out by a different conglomerate or the worst case scenario, the platform becomes so corrupted it can't be used anymore there's literally nothing you or your business partners can do about your content being on there, unless you've already got a manual backup in Google Docs.

The dilemma for many business owners with insurmountable amount of data handling is the fact that there's no way for you to be able to export your content from Clickfunnels and then automatically put it into another content management platform.

Now you probably might say Eddie, you are being dramatic! While my analogy above might sound obvious, let me also paint another picture for you here,I use popular WordPress responsive page builders like Thrive and beaver builder.

And if I decide that I don't want to use Thrive or beaver builder on a page or even on the entire website I can remove beaver builder and still have all my content there on the site.

And if the worst came to an absolute worst I can export my site into an XML file or in some cases just a Content plain txt file and still install that on other services.

Anyone who is building something in clickfunnels, you are tying your data into an expensive to manage system where you will remain culprit or forever stuck in the clickfunnels ecosystem with no hope for away out even if they doubled their monthly premiums.

The more you use clickfunnels for yourself and your client, the more you're tied into their system.





Use WordPress vs Clickfunnels For Better Email Deliverability

Your business probably runs effectively because you have better email automation available at your disposal. Now with WordPress sales Funnels, there is a host of autoresponders and CRM automation tools I can use to integrate my business processes. 

I can’t speak the same for Clickfunnels, in fact it was only earlier this month that clickfunnels had some issues with their email automation and deliverability.

So while the propaganda machine behind clickfunnels marketing army would want you to believe that they are the best option on the market, a quick look into their email automation and deliverability will reveal to you that this platform isn't on your side.

Your WordPress sales funnel has options to getting hooked to more than one email automation system at a time. So if their deliver-ability in not as high as some other platforms, you can shut them down and turn the other options available.

There is this belief that because a lot of people use clickfunnels for spammy and nefarious reasons,it can only mean that your legitimate emails are being filtered into spam box by association.

So if emails are at the centre of your operations, to send out those emails knowingly that they might not get through your customers spam filters only defeats the purpose for which you are sending them out.

When I speak to my clients who ask us to help them with their SEO and digital marketing efforts, we always tell them that we consider our customers inbox as a sacred space, where only the holy  ones get to step in.

There is no excuse for being punished for what other people use on clickfunnels, it also isn't the best email builder in my opinion.

For a start,I honestly do believe that the way any platform partnership you choose to work with in handling data should never have to be difficult  as witnessed over at some of these platforms which are also known for having problems with zapier automation and integration with other platforms.

No business should ever have to be on a platform that's entirely controlled through others and this is why when you build your WordPress alternative to clickfunnels, you have options to use automation platforms like  active campaign for your email automation and you will absolutely love them!

How to Choose The Best Email Automation System For Your Business?

No email automation will ever meet or tick all of your boxes, there is always going to be a give and take scenario. However, my criteria for recommending the best email automation, at absolute worst if I used a CRM or an automation system, I want the freedom to move my data without any limitations in case I didn't like what am offering (which we have in the past).

Think about your exit strategies to scenarios like what if the platform got shut down or bought out and ask yourself if you can export all of your data to a CSV list and If that can at least allow you to manually salvage your data points of contacts from using that CSV file.

When it comes to emailing your list when you export your list from a WordPress sales funnel, it is pretty much straght forward compared to anyone who attempts to export data from clickfunnels which makes it very difficult to pass data captured on a click funnel site through to an external automation platform which is why we recommend the use of Getresponse or active campaign on our WordPress platforms.

You will absolutely love activecampaign, however we are always testing new tools here so we can build a comprehensive database of reliable tools for our readers, so if you have a favorite CRM, automation system or email system, then  leave us a comment below to let me know as I'd love to know what it is that you use.

Use WordPress vs Clickfunnels For Better User Experience

Use WordPress vs Clickfunnels For Better User Experience

I do not have to tell you that there are better page builders out there! In fact, when I set out to finding the best alternative to clickfunnels,  I had an opportunity to test and tried the majority of the most notable email and automation systems available on the market

It’s what we do to best advise our clients on which digital marketing automation tool fits in with different varying goals and budgets.

You probably have been told that click funnel says it's not a website builder but also clickfunnels says that websites are dead yet ultimately 90% of what Clickfunnels does for anyone who buys into their premium monthly subscriptions is simply being a page builder.

Even as a responsive page builder, Clickfunnels offer a very poor user experience in my opinion and the fact that it is riddled with limited options for building pages that look as good as they could do is a non starter.

And to top it all, they're also not that fast at loading when you compare clickfunnel with WordPress sales funnel as there are some reports of people having real problems loading a click funnel Paige even though it's all supposed to be in-house and their hosting is supposed to take care of all of that.

Other known citations have been about how horrible and unstable the code is for WordPress to build corporate websites, well ask CNN, The Washington Post or Beyonce & Jay Z, they all have websites built using WordPress, and these sites handle millions of traffic let alone security threats from external elements.

Frankly speaking, I don't really care about all the side shows other platforms offer, all I want is to know if my platform offers a solid and secure building platform for my applications. And WordPress is the most secure CMS right out of the box as long as you keep it updated.

Secondly I don't think a customers really cares about the quality of code as other people would like you to believe, but what I know that customers do care about is the page loading speed and the design options that are available to you.



Use WordPress vs Clickfunnels For Better Looking Templates And Site Design Aesthetics.

The selling point for Clickfunnels used to be what they call ready to deploy templates they make available inside your clickfunnel dashboard.

That isn’t the case anymore! In fact, there are other better free or premium options of landing page templates available on the market today than what you get with clickfunnels.

So If the biggest reasons why you would want to spend an extra $3500 when you buy clickfunnels, simply because of the ready-made landing page templates, be aware that there are better templates available on other WordPress platforms like Divi elementor, oxygen, guttenberg, even visual composer have loads of different templates available that are better to use.

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Use WordPress vs Clickfunnels To Build Mobile Friendly And Responsive Landing Pages.

If your goal is to build landing pages that takes advantage of the growing numbers of mobile traffic, you want to use a platform that is known for delivering on the promise of responsive landing page building experience.

While you may find the drag and drop feature in Clickfunnels enticing, reality is that clickfunnel pages and templates have a reputation for being pretty bad at mobile responsiveness.

Now I don’t have to convince you to think about how much traffic is going through smartphones and tablets these days.

And anyone serious about taking every opportunity possible, really should be focusing on capturing the mobile traffic as a priority.

With Google’s search engine now learning favorably in the direction of voice search and artificial Intelligence,( AI)

Use WordPress vs Clickfunnels For Portability Benefits

The one thing I love about building WordPress sales funnels vs Clickfunnels is the freedom that WordPress allows me or clients to freely move if am not happy with the platform.

With WordPress being an open source technology, it enjoys a growing popularity hence the burgeoning numbers of WordPress developers as well as plugins that anyone with a WordPress funnel can use on-demand.

As a matter of fact, even if the WordPress parent company (automattic) went away,  I would still have all my files and plugins working with the help of other developers all over the world. ( I can't say the same for Click funnels)

There is no limit to my freedom when it comes to WordPress cms, I can change plugins, I can change themes, find a new web hosting if my current hosting provider is not delivering the page load I like to see, but I can also change email providers if am not happy with the email service provider am using.

Now you see how much freedom I have with WordPress that I would hardly have inside clickfunnels.

With WordPress landing page builders, I'm not held hostage by any one of those platforms I can even change the analytics platforms if I wanted.

Many of you love Google Analytics for what they offer, however if you hard an opportunity for a breakaway, I bet you would run for it! Because that is also what we did not that long ago, when we wanted to go deeper with our data collection and cleaning.

The point here is that no one should have to feel tied into any one platform, Instead, I have options and a health relationship with all our partners for as long as  they keep producing great results just to keep my business using them for our business needs.

When you make better choices in the early stages of choosing what platform to use for building your sales and marketing funnels, It’s easy to make a decision that another page builder, another automation platform or another host was providing better options that are worthy switching to.

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Use WordPress vs Click funnels For Their Robust Support base

Wordpress once again enjoys a growing popularity of support base and still maintains a health marketplace where if you needed to advance the functions of your website, all you have to do is find a good WordPress plugin that can do that or commision a developer to custom-build your plugin.

There is multiple options for almost all of the page builders and themes available with Wordpress. And there are also loads of add-ons for all of the plugins makes so easy to customize your landing pages make your funnel stack to do exactly what you need it to do.

The same can also be said for both plugins and WordPress themes too. If need help, you only have to look at what is available at your disposal, from podcasts, blogs, forums and endless of freelancers who are constantly developing ultimate addons for page builders anyone can use to create sales funnels like beaver builder, Elementor and many more.

Simply put, there is a network of people out there who can help you with your WordPress site as opposed to being tied into a platform open to only people who buy the platform seem to want to use.

Build A WordPress Funnel vs Clickfunnels To Save $3500 A year!

This may not apply to all, however the market that I serve,savings of  up to $3,500 a year are enormous. And if you do not know, Clickfunnels is up to 297 dollars per month per funnel, so if you sell another funnel to a customer that's instantly another 3500 dollars that you've got to spend just to keep their platform going.

For others, probably passing that cost to the client makes sense. Personally, I do not believe that clients pay up the price of what we demand because they are flash with cash.  So before you go suggesting that the option would be to put my efforts into finding better paying customers, I think you are missing the point.

Imagine if you brought in a $10,000 a year customer,does spending 30% of that money to pay for a page builder like Clickfunnels justify the worthiness of the platform?  Whereas if you built your client’s sales funnel with WordPress, you get to do that for a fraction of the price.

Even if you were going to use premium web hosting like WP engine, pay for beaver builder which is priced at $399 per year for unlimited sites and white labeling, the cost would never add up to anywhere near what clickfunnels costs for six months.

The goal of an effective digital marketing agency or an seo specialist is to find best ways to reducing the cost of doing business as much as possible. 

And that begins by having overheads that are not as high as they would be if you are going to use platforms like Clickfunnels when there are other cheaper options to clickfunnels available, that also do a better job for a much lower price.

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