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Plagiarism Checker

How To Write A Blog Post & Check For Plagiarism With This Nifty Free Tool? The dilemma for bloggers like myself is that the majority of our communication is somewhat lost in translation. I mean, who you kidding to say that face to face chat or communication is not worth it’s time? In fact, the […]

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How To Make A Youtube Video

So there is a section of new youtube beginners who still do not know How To Make A Youtube Video the right way. And in this video, let me show you how to quickly create a youtube video that works. Any youtube video you intend to make must focus on providing valuable takeaways your channel […]

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Best email marketing for small business owners

When it comes to email marketing automation for your e-commerce or as a content creator, probably you already received quite a lot of recommendations about Getresponse or Clickfunnels. Rightly so,Getresponse vs Clickfunnels comparison review, then you know that Clickfunnels is not for everyone. And If you are still holding out for the Best email marketing […]

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How To Set Goals And Achieve Them

Here’s how to set Your Blog goals and achieve them step by step guide.​When it comes to chasing the dreams of starting a successful blog. the only way I know to track our progress is to create milestones. Blogging Milestones show us what we are accomplishing and allow us to see how we accomplish even […]

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Squarespace vs Wix

Which Is Best Website Builder Squarespace vs WixWe took Squarespace and Wix on a test ride to see if we put these drag and drop website builders head to head, which one will be the best site builder with drag and drop page builder facilities.  With that said, in today’s video we’re going to be going […]

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How To Pick A Profitable Niche

In this post learn as I’m just gonna quickly share with you the importance of picking your niche audience versus the need for others who tend to put all their focus only on promoting products. My goal in this post is to help you avoid as many pitfalls to starting a profitable niche business as […]

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How I Discovered Blogging I dare you to try WordPress if you are thinking about starting a blog and make money helping people solve problems we all face on a day to day basis. Now my indoctrination into the WordPress fanatics began way back when I started blogging in November 2009.  Then, my goal was to launch […]

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