Low Investment High Profit Startup Business Ideas for Beginners can be challenging to come by. No wonder that many start ups fail to launch due to lack of low capital investment business opportunities.

What if you could find a business model, that allows you to start with low investment yet still get high profit income? This post I share with you the low investment high profit business models anyone can start with no money or less than $100.

Low Investment High Profit Startup Business Ideas for Beginners

I hardly share how I started my digital advertising business, And I can tell you that if you are looking for a high paying job that requires no university degree, Starting a marketing agency is one opportunity that is not taught in schools.

But… I also know that digital advertising is not for everyone! So, what makes your heart flutter when you think of the best ways to make money online?

So, not that long ago, I hard a 9-5 job that involved 20-minute bus ride to work in my soul-crushing factory job! (And my supervisor Jas who was a total arse didn’t help matters either!)

I’d get up early in the morning and dash out to catch the 05:45 bus, along with me, I would carry my laptop so I could punch away, till arriving at work.

Many of my friends and family were skeptical about earning money online – some even laughed at my “big dreams”.

But, they weren’t laughing about 9 months later, when I was able to earn money online steadily that eventually led to quit my day job and focus on running my business full time…

Some would say I was the lucky one among many failures to online income scams! Erm… Would you really call focus a lucky pill?

Didn’t think so…

And I know this because of the high income earning opportunities still coming in on the market today!

More Millenials are earning money working from home than ever before. You too could start today and grow a wildly profitable business using battle-tested business models.

Now, my team and I teach others freely, how to build their own simple money making assets online. Whether you are into starting an Amazon FBA business…where we regularly launch new brands ourselves.

Or you want to start and grow your own following, we got you covered! And if you Want to learn more, you probably are wondering, where can I start from?

There are three ways to earn money and three good business models you can use to achieve your goals whether you have upfront capital outlay or you are flat out broke!

#1 Earn Money Actively => Active Income

#2: Earn Money Passively => Passive Income

#3: Earn Money With Portfolio => Portfolio Income

Is Earning Passive Income A Myth?

Earning an income passively is not a myth at all, in fact since I discovered Amazon FBA, I have consistently been earning a steady income from Amazon’s marketplace working a minimum of 4 hours a month. Now, I wont lie to you that it has been easy!

In fact, to get to a point of earning your money passively, you need a robust business model with a low bar entry into starting and growing a profitable business…

For that, you need the three business models we were talking about:

#1: FREELANCE To Product Business Model: aka The FP Business Model

Freelance Writing For Beginners As A Career is a dream for many millennial ghost bloggers, but when you are escaping the rat race so you can earn a passive income, it can seem like starting as a freelance writer is a bad Idea.

Actually, if you want to start a business with no money, Freelance Writing For Beginners is the best way to start earning money online fast…

And here is why…?

Much like start small and grow big slowly advice, the freelance to product business model is an Ideal way for anyone looking to make money fast while building essential skills and a business at the same time.

Freelance Writing For Beginners As A CAREER

How Does It Work The Freelance to product business model works?

It works by starting with helping other established business owners with mundane day to day chores of running their successful business.

Things like writing blog posts, social media scheduling, video transcribing, e-commerce product listing optimization and many more.

The trick here is for you to remain vigilant constantly, by actively seeking for better opportunity openings you can jump on down the road to create a product or service that solves a problem other businesses are not addressing.

Think of a ghost blogger who has been commissioned to help a celebrity become a published author…

So as part of your job, you would do research to whatever subject or niche market you have been asked to help writing…

Along the lines, you will begin to see opportunities and profitable ideas that fall on the side from the project you have been commissioned to ghostwrite.

So if you are thinking about starting a fashion line someday, starting as a fashion freelance blogger opens up huge opportunities for you to gain apprenticeship from seasoned fashion design houses that are constantly hiring influencer marketers, ghost bloggers, etc.

#2: The Audience And Advertising Business Model

You have probably come across Youtube Influencers whose job is to create compelling video content and amass views in tens of thousands or millions which in return, generate a tidy AD revenue income monthly.

How Does The Audience And Advertising Business Model Work?

To start a wildly profitable business with this business model, you need to find and research an audience you can easily provide value to in exchange for their adoring loyalty as they become a marketable fanbase.

Revenue sharing platforms like Youtube are the best low bar entry as there are no upfront costs to get started.

Personally, I like the idea of starting a blog where you can own your platform and call the shots. You see, the thing with youtube is that you can get kicked out anytime when Youtube wants to.

But… if you start your own blog, which only costs about $3.95/per month when you host your WordPress blog with recommended WordPress Hosting providers.

On your blog, you can combine both youtube video content and blog post to provide value to your audience… In return, you can make money with AD Networks like Cafe Media, Adsense, and the list is endless!

The other way you can make money with an audience to advertising business model is through email marketing.

This is where you build an email list out of your fanbase and you can recommend affiliate products and services to your audience. Whether it’s seasonal promo shopping deals coupons, exclusive discounts for members, etc.

#3: Expert To Product Business Model

You will be surprised at how much we undervalue the knowledge or abilities we have over others who are just beginning their journey.

If you started a blog six months ago, and have managed to install WordPress, change themes, tweak your blog design, add plugins and write a few pillar content… you are a future WordPress expert!

Expert to product business model is where you begin by providing value to your audience, and you become a trusted advisor to your fan base!

The beauty of expert to product business model is that you can actually start making money fast, promoting other people’s products before you launch your own.

When I launched my first Amazon FBA, it was through the expert to product business model that helped to spot the opportunity gap between existing products on the marketplace.

Do you want to launch a skin care beauty product line? If you are, becoming an I Instagram influencer may be helpful.

But if you really want to capitalize on your opportunity and build a wildly profitable business, starting a skincare product review blog is the low bar to entry in becoming an expert skincare advisor for your niche market.


As small scale business and content strategist getting a good hang of SEO, Email marketing, long form and data-driven business decision making is something that I take seriously. A good day at the office for me is when the little guy wins and probably that is what motivates me to get out of bed and help small online businesses to take on opportunities available online. The best way I know better is through creation of content that convert. Am a proud founder and content strategist here and am loving every minute of it!


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