Best free keyword research tools when starting A Niche Website.

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FREE Niche Research Tools When Starting A Website. 

Keyword research is a bigger part of my to do list of things every week. And if I didn't do a better job of it, the effects it would have on my content creation process is consequential. So if you are starting a new Niche website, you need the best keyword tool to help you create content that ranks, above all converts into sales.

Personally, I use a paid tool for my work, and I love it as it affords me to achieve five to eight times more results than I would have been able to if I was using free keyword tools everyone uses in the early stages of their niche site adventure. 

It wasn't always premium keyword tools when I launched my first niche website, in fact I used free keyword research tools that allowed me to do the bare minimum niche market analysis. 

No wonder I made a lot of mistakes, and getting the results quick was the hardest part. Luckily, with shear grafting and perseverance, I livid to share the joys of freemium keyword research tools and what I learned from starting a blog on a shoe-string budget.

Been there done that... is all I can say!

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to use my swiss-knife that helps me find real easy keywords to rank with a new domain in as little as minutes from when I publish... It's not a loophole or a hoax! I just found a better way of digging the lowest hanging fruits and I have made a habit of creating awesome content targeting these keywords.


I know! I know! Sounds far fetched... 


 But I challenge you to try this tool below with the free trial I got and get your first five keywords in your niche then follow my low hanging fruit content strategy that I use to rank content faster than you can imagine.

In this part of the tutorial, Learn  how to generate keyword ideas for your niche blog, using keyword research tools

When it comes to unearthing profitable niche keywords for your niche website, there are quite a few handy tools that can come to your aid as you study what people are searching for in niche market, using the power of Google.

This post covers a few from many keyword research tools among the most popular market analysis tools and this guide explains how each of these tools works.

The foundation of a successful niche business model relies on best keyword research and Niche market selection if you want to make money with organic traffic.

However keyword analysis tools continue to get more and more expensive these days. And if you are starting a niche blog, you need to know how to leverage these keyword research tools to your advantage...

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